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The Hidden Gems Of Croatia

MljetCroatia is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Its top attractions like Dubrovnik, Zadar, Zagreb and the Plitvice Lakes draw millions of visitors annually. Although these attractions have a wealth of excitements for tourists, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Croatia has lots of other hidden gems, waiting to be unearthed by tourists who are willing look beyond the standard travel brochures. Some of these gems are the following:


According to Homer’s Odyssey, on his way back from Ithaca, Odysseus got held up on the island of Ogygia. He spent seven years enchanted by the beautiful nymph, Calypso, and the magical aura of the island. The island was the most glorious paradise he had ever seen. Historians and literary analysts have suggested that the island of Mljet is actually Homer’s Ogygia. And although Calypso is can no longer be found on the Mljet, the island is still as enchanting as ever. Mljet is the picture of beauty, tranquility and perfection. The waters around the island are deep-blue, pristine and peppered with colorful reefs. The island itself has lush forests, breathtaking crests, ridges, slopes and valleys. It is home to two interconnected emerald-green saltwater lakes. It is also home to the Mljet National Park which boasts of colorful plants, birds and serene landscapes. Mljet is a popular attraction for people who appreciate pure, unspoiled nature. Visitors come to trek, hike, swim, enjoy boat rides on the saltwater lakes, or chill out on iconic the Salplunara beach. Although Mljet is a not-so-popular destination, it has not escaped the eyes of royalty: one of its more famous visitors is Prince Charles, who went trekking on the island – perhaps looking for his very own nymph.

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Cruise Types that Fit Your Personality, Purpose and Purse

Cruise TypesCraft the perfect cruise vacation or holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Arm yourself with the knowledge of cruise options that suit your travel style and budget.

Cruises are classified into three major types: the mainstream cruise, the adventure and educational cruise, and the luxury cruise. Use this simple classification as a quick guide when choosing the cruise that best fits your personality, purpose, and purse.

1.    Mainstream Cruises

•    Personality: This type of cruise might suit an event organizer looking for a brand new theme for a corporate party or an active homemaker wanting a change of scenery or planning to celebrate a special family occasion.  If convenience and economy are your top priorities when cruising, you had better book a cruise under this category.

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Easter Getaways For Little Explorers (and their Parents!)

Easter Getaways The weather has been truly awful this year, with the UK seeing the wettest January since records began back in 1910. Southern England was hit badly this year with storms, violent winds and mass flooding, the effects of which are still evident even now. But with Spring around the corner and as we wind our clocks forward, we are all hoping for a drier and brighter April and May.

So why not plan a trip out for the family to one of the many exciting locations in the UK this Easter? Don’t let a miserable winter ruin your spring. Remember the National Trust is always there for a great day out. There are over 500 locations in the UK but here are some that standout in particular:

The Fleece Inn in Worcestershire is a historical pub that was once a medieval farmhouse and a gathering place for witches! There are plenty of family activities throughout the sunny season, including folk singing, apple festivals and a very unique asparagus festival(!). 

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Discover the Most Famous Archeological Sites in Sicily

Siti archeologici SiciliaThis map is representing the most interesting and relevant archeological sites in Sicily. You can easily combine, for the ones on the coast, history and architecture from the old history of Sicily, with nature and relax on the beach or walking along natural reserves or parks. I recommend to ask to local agencies and Tour Operator to find the perfect tour that matches your needs and interests, both if you travel alone or with your family.

Selinunte was an ancient Greek city, located on the south-western coast of Sicily, in the province of Trapani. What to see in Selinunte? Definitely, the four temples around the Acropolis and other 3 temples along with other secondary buildings. Only the Temple of Hera has been rebuilt, all the rest are authentic.

It was founded in the seventh century. C. and soon became very important in business and art. It was destroyed by the Carthaginians in 409. C. The area is divided into four distinct areas. In the east lies the Acropolis, the ancient city with the sanctuary of Malophoros. In this part of the site is also the G-temple dedicated to Apollo. Continuing our visit we find the Temple F. Of these two temples remain, unfortunately, only a few ruins. The site is located within the Belice River Nature Reserve.

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Inspirational Turkey

Mount NemrutOn your travels, I’m sure there has been one location, maybe even a few that you just have never been able to get out of your head. It could be somewhere that has changed, or just a special place that you really love. If you’ve travelled round Turkey you might find it has been one of these places. 

Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut was built by King Antiochus as a tomb for himself in the 1st century BC. He built his tomb on the top of a mountain so he could be closer to the gods. The site has a giant statue of King Antiochus himself as well as animals and gods, each has been beheaded. He invested money in estates, and tied the profits of these estates with the site and ordered 2 parties to be hosted at this site every month- one for his birthday and another for his coronation. It is thought that the heads of these grand statues were purposefully beheaded. The site wasn’t found 1881, and no one knows how or why the statues were beheaded. 

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Romantic Spring Getaways in Guernsey

Springtime in Guernsey Springtime in Guernsey inevitably gives rise to the scent of love in the air. Maybe it’s the sight of frolicking lambs in the field, or the generally more positive outlook on life with the winter months behind us. Whatever it is, it is undeniable on the island of Guernsey; spring simply brings out Guernsey’s romance side. So if you’re looking to cash in on Guernsey’s romantic streak and get yourself in the good books with your other half, where should you head and what should you do?

In my opinion, the vast options available on Guernsey make it an ideal location for all kinds of romantic breaks, whether you’re in a blossoming relationship, or have been happily together for many years. For the outdoor endeavoured couple, Guernsey is a paradise. Take your pick from secluded valleys, stunning cliff path walks, a whole host of pristine beaches, and much more. What better way to spend time with your loved one than an afternoon on the beach with the sun beating down as your hold hands and share an ice-cream? My personal favourite spot for this has to be Petit Port, the stunning scenery makes it for me, just be aware of the 270 steps that you’ll have to descend and climb again to visit the beach there.

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